Sri Ramakrishna Iyer Ayyappa Baktha Sabai

Sacred Irumudi - THE HEAD BAG

Om Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa

lrumudi is the only travelling kit which a pilgrim carries on his head during the pilgrimage. Only those who observe fasting for 41 days are allowed to carry it. Without the Irumudi one is not allowed to step onto the holy 18 steps at the Sannidhanam.

This bag is in two compartments - the Munmudi (the front part) and the Pinmudi (the back part) & the opening at centre. The front portion is reserved for keeping all the puja articles and offerings to the deity. The rear part is meant to hold the pilgrims' personal requirements for the journey.

Sacred Irumudi

Front portion contains Mudra bags, consisting of 2 - 3 in numbers - one for the GheeCoconut and the other two for the remaining offerings(Vazhipadu) at the Sannidhanam are as under:
Coconut filled with ghee for Abhishekam (bathing the idol of the Lord)+
Coconut (vidalai thengai) 2 to 4 nos.*
Beetel leaves, Beetel Nut, coins for offering
Jaggery (achuvellam), Cashew, Raisins, Dry ginger, Poha (thin & thick variety), Cardamoms, Dates, Honey, Avil(beaten rice), Kadhi Chakkar
Dried turmeric tubers, Turmeric powder, Blouse piece, Kumkum, Vibhooti, Sandal paste, Sambarani, Camphor, Agarbathi (Incense stick), Rosewater, Lemon, Rice and Dal for offering.

Coconut for ghee Abhishekam: Well before the Kettunira time, select a medium size coconut. Clean and polish the outer shell using a polishing paper. With a pointed instrument, open one eye of the coconut and empty the coconut water. Close it with a cork of correct size. The coconut is now ready for the Kettunira.
Coconut (Vidalai Thengai) one each to be broken at Erumeli, Sharam Kutti and two for Padinettampadi (the sacred 18 steps - once while climbing up for Shasta Darshan with the Irumudi and 2nd while returning after the worship
Part of the jaggery, cashew, raisin, cardamom, honey and dates can be used to make Panchamrutam for the Neivedya; part of the jaggery, dry ginger and cardamom can be used for preparing 'Panagam' as Neivedya

Back Portion contains
Items for use of the pilgrim from the day of commencement of the journey after Kettunira till his return and is kept in the back compartment(Pin Mudi), which are as under : Some snacks which one may require now and then during the trip and other raw materials for food items to be prepared during the journey. And pulses and rice needed for cooking can be included in Pinmudi.

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